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Adventure Game News for 24 Jul 06

SPAG Issue 45

Issue 45 of SPAG, the interactive fiction e-zine, is out. Among its highlights: a look at past IntroComp games, Paul O'Brian's reviews of Finding Martin and Glass, and Emily Short's review of There's a Snake in the Bathtub.

Filfre 0.94

Filfre is Jimmy Maher's Windows z-code interpreter. It features integrated scrollback support and allows you to copy words from the game's text to the command line by double-clicking on them. Version 0.94 now supports Blorbed files and shows a game's cover art the first time you play a game.

The Hourglass Competition

The Hourglass Competition is actually the third ADRIFT Three-Hour Competition, in which authors must write a game using ADRIFT in three hours or fewer. If you want to enter, you have until 7 August 2006 to submit your entries to Woodfish.

MCDream Minicomp Results and MCDream II Minicomp

MCDream is David Cornelson's minicompetition in which authors create a game based on a particularly vivid dream they've had. The first one ended with only one entrant: Dreadwine, by Eric Eve.

But do not fear if you missed the competition the first time around. David is holding MCDream II. Submit your entries to him by August 15th.

Rules 1.0 for TADS 3

Inform 7 has generated new interest in rules-based programming for Interactive Fiction. Now Kevin Forchione has a T3 extension that provides rule-based hooks into the Action class's command processing stages. Support is provided for before, room, actor, action, and after processing.

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