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Adventure Game News for 23 Jul 07

TADS 3 Beta Adds Integrated Text Editor

The latest beta of the TADS 3 IF development system adds a lot of functionality to the Windows Workbench environment. The Workbench now includes a customizable integrated text editor, the capability to search all files in your project, an integrated documentation viewer, and more.

Textfyre Gets a Blog

David Cornelson has started a blog for posting news about Textfyre, his fledgling commercial IF company.

Level 9 Interpreter Version 4.1

The new version of the Level 9 Interpreter fixes a bug that made Lancelot unplayable and improves decoding of the BBC B graphics file format.

New Game Blighted Isle

Eric Eve is back with a new game, Blighted Isle, about a mysterious mist-shrouded island.

Your part in Napoleon's downfall is about to come to an untimely end.

Swimming around in the Bay of Biscay, with your ship nowhere in sight, it can only be a matter of minutes before you succumb to the cold and drown.

Except that there was that strange mist that refused to be shredded by the gale, surrounding land where no land has a right to be. What if you were to fetch up there? What would happen then?

SPAC Issue 51

Issue 51 of SPAC, the Spanish e-zine for interactive fiction, includes interviews of the Lovecraft Commonplace Book Spanish team and Javier Maldonado, reviews of entries in the first Spanish speedIF competition, and more.

New Mondi Confinanti Game Little Falls

Mondi Confinanti, the Italian IF team, has a new game: Little Falls. In it, you play a policeman after a serial killer. Both Italian and English versions are available.

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