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Adventure Game News for 21 Jul 05

BAGS, the Beany Adventure Game System

Aaron Wadley has created BAGS, the Beany Adventure Game System. BAGS is a new adventure game system that uses BeanShell, a scripting language for Java.

I wrote BAGS to "scratch an itch", so to speak. I was an avid fan of IF and had decided to write my own, but I didn't care for any of the languages out there; Infocom, TADS, HUGO, etc. I am a Java programmer by profession and hobby, so I decided to try writing my own interpreter. When I discovered BeanShell, I was in heaven. It was the perfect marriage of my two favorite programming environments, Bash scripting and Java. After a few days of coding, the core of a workable engine was born.

BAGS has been tested on Linux and Windows, the latter using Cygwin. BAGS has been released under the GNU GPL.

FrobTADS for Unix

FrobTADS for Unix is a new port of the TADS 2 and 3 text-only interpreter and compiler for Unix by Nikos Chantziaras. Nikos is looking for people to test out the interpreter and make sure it's good to go. FrobTADS uses autoconf and automake to make installation easier. For right now you can grab tarballs of the interpreter, TADS 2 compiler, and TADS 3 compiler from the TADS website.

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