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Adventure Game News for 18 Jul 06

Roberta Willians Interview

Roberta Williams, who was responsible for Sierra On-Line's early hit adventures like King's Quest, as well as later ones like Phantasmagoria, sat down with Adventure Classic Gaming for an interview. This is notable especially because, for about a decade, Roberta Williams has been out of sight.

Don't go looking for her to return, though.

And, for the future Roberta Williams: Probably, designing a computer adventure game is in the past; I’m more into ‘personal adventuring’ nowadays. I’m thinking in terms of writing a book, but, not on computer games or anything like that. I’m looking at writing an historical novel set in Ireland and the United States of 150 years ago (has to do with my ancestors, kind of like an Irish ‘Roots’). That is my passion right now. We’ll see where that goes...

She also discusses how she designed her games and which of her games she liked the best.

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