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Adventure Game News for 14 Jul 05

Rand Miller Interview

Adventure Gamers interviewed Rand Miller, one of the creators of Myst, at E3.

LM: Thank you so much for agreeing to this interview. First, I have to ask the question on everyone's mind. Is this really the end of Myst?

Rand: We don't have any plans to make any further Myst games, although I don't know what the future holds. The story is tied up in a way that is satisfying from our point of view. It's not about the fireworks and fanfare; it's about the way we do things with Myst. Telling a great story in a subtle, quiet way and having substantial repercussions at the end to tie it all up, and this was a good time to wrap things up. This is a new beginning, really.

Level 9 Interpreter 4.0

David Kinder has released version 4.0 of his Level 9 interpreter. There are versions for most modern operating systems, for those of you who want to play the old Level 9 games.

"Dog Show" Wins 2005 LOTECH Comp

The game Dog Show took first place in the 2005 LOTECH Comp, the competition for choose-your-own-adventure-style adventure games. Dog Show was the only entry, and was written by a fourth-grade class working as a team.

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