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Adventure Game News for 11 Jul 07

Filfre 0.97

The new version of Filfre, a text adventure interpreter for Windows, now plays both z-code and Glulx games. Glulx games with graphics and sound should play just fine under Filfre, and the interpreter now supports game metadata and cover art.

H.P. Lovecraft Commonplace Book Competition Results

The results of the H.P. Lovecraft Commonplace Book Project competition are in. Congratulations to Jon Ingold, whose text adventure Dead Cities took best in show among English entrants. The entrants included both point-and-click graphic adventures and text adventures, and all games are available from the website.

Tales of the Traveling Swordsman Source Code

Mike Snyder has released the Hugo source code to Tales of the Traveling Swordsman, his 4th place entry in the 2006 IF Competition.

Textfyre Overview

Nick Montfort interviewed David Cornelson about Textfyre, his new company that's working on commercial interactive fiction.

Textfyre is an edutainment computer game publishing company. Our games will focus on providing entertaining experiences for reading aged children that revolve around cognitive learning skills. Children will be able to use language, reason, and other scholastic abilities to interact with fictional stories that have been developed by highly skilled professional game designers and writers. Textfyre games will focus on stories with settings and characters that are captivating with strong support from teachers and parents.

One Room Game Competition 2007

Francesco Cordella is again running the One Room Game Competition, the competition for games with only one location. Francesco hasn't set the deadlines for entry yet, so watch the competition page for more information.

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