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Adventure Game News for 05 Jul 05

Terra d'IF 6, Now at a New Site

Issue 6 of Terra d'If, the Italian interactive fiction e-zine, is out, and living at the new website:

New Text Adventure Finding Martin

Gayla Wennstrom has released Finding Martin, a new work of interactive fiction. From her announcement:

The game is a combination of scifi, mystery, and humor. It involves time travel excursions in which you'll interact with your own self (doing exactly what you did when you took a previous trip to that same time period). Some puzzles can be solved only through teamwork involving cooperation between multiple selves. There's no "I" in "TEAM", except when there are three of them!

Finding Martin is a TADS game that can be played online if you'd like to try it out.

The IF Collaborators List Gets a New Maintainer and Home

The IF Collaborators List, which exists to help writers and programmers of IF find each other to work together on games, has a new maintainer and a new home. Miek Snyder is now maintaining the list, and he's moved it to IFWiki, so that people taking part in the list can make their own updates to it.

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