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Adventure Game News for 09 Jun 07

IntroComp 2007 Announcement

Jacqueline Lott has announced Introcomp 2007. Introcomp is a competition in which authors enter a short intro to a game. The intent is for authors to create an intro that is compelling and will make players want to play the rest of the game. If you want to enter the competition, you'll need to email Jacqueline to tell her you're planning on entering. You then have until the end of the day on August 4, 2007 to finish your intro and submit it to Jacqueline.

Review of Adventurer's Consumer Guide

Emily Short has reviewed Adventurer's Consumer Guide for IF-Review. She enjoyed the game, and was surprised more people hadn't commented on it.

I speculate about [the lack of attention] because ACG deserves a much bigger audience than I've seen it getting so far. It's not a literary piece and it doesn't offer a coherent backstory or a deeply characterized protagonist, but that's not the point. I strongly recommend this one to fans of light-hearted puzzle games, especially to people who liked The Janitor, Augmented Fourth, and Zork. ACG is much fairer than Zork, but shares some of its goofy attitude and anachronistic combinations of objects. It does these things so well that even if you are not initially excited by the premise, you may find you enjoy the game.

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