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Adventure Game News for 03 Jun 08

Parchment: A New Web-Based Z-Code Interpreter

Parchment is a new web-based interpreter for z-code games. It builds on Gnusto's approach of doing just-in-time compilation of z-code instructions to javascript, but is not limited to Mozilla-derived interpreters. Even better, it doesn't require Java or Flash. Want to see it in action? Why not try it out on any z-code game from the IF Archive, or, if you're so inclined, on Child's Play? It's a little slow right now, but its typography makes me happy. Also note that you can use your mouse wheel to access scrollback.

Planet IF Moves

Update your bookmarks: Planet IF, which aggregates interactive fiction blogs, has moved to

Help Improve IFWiki, IFDB, and IFReviews

Spurred by the success of the IF Cover Art Drive, Victor Gijsbers is looking for volunteers to improve IF websites that draw on user-submitted content, specifically IFWiki, IFDB, and IFReviews. His suggested approach is as follows:

  1. Go to IFWiki.
  2. Press "Random Page" until you find either an incomplete game page, or a page that links to an as yet non-existent game page.
  3. Download the game and play it. (Not necessarily to completion.)
  4. Update the IFWiki page.
  5. Go to IFDB.
  6. Add a game listing, if necessary. Write and post a review.
  7. Go to IFReviews.
  8. Post your review again.

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