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Adventure Game News for 30 May 07

Blorple IF Browser

Blorple is a new application for browsing through interactive fiction files, specifically games written in z-code and packaged as a zblorb. It in part mimics Zoom's game browsing capabilities, as the screenshot shows. It's written using Python and GTK, so is most readily used under Unix.

New IF Game Adventurer's Consumer Guide

Řyvind Thorsby has released a new work of interactive fiction called Adventurer's Consumer Guide. Thorsby's announcement doesn't say much beyond it being a "large puzzle game", but Emily Short has recommended it for fans of light-hearted puzzle games.

SPAC Issue 50

Issue 50 of SPAC, the Spanish IF e-zine, has an interview with Daniel Celemín and a review of Orcs & Elves.

GNOME Inform 7 Release 0.3

GNOME Inform 7, a port of the I7 IDE to the GNOME desktop, is now at release 0.3. This version updates the I7 core to version 4U65 and fixes a number of bugs.

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