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Adventure Game News for 10 May 08

Spring Thing 2008 Results

Spring Thing 2008 is over, and the winners have been announced. Congratulations to Doug Egan, whose game Pascal's Wager took first place. David Whyld placed second with Without A Clue, and Aaron Reed was third with Blue Lacuna: Sneak Preview.

The Now-Faster Interactive Fiction Archive

There have been three improvements to the Interactive Fiction Archive that have made it much more responsive, and will hopefully keep it responding snappily for the near future. The list of mirrors has also been cleaned out so that only mirrors that are working and current are used.

FyreVM Gets Its Own Website

FyreVM, Textfyre's implementation of Glulx written in C#, now has its own web page and everything. Of potential interest to interpreter writers is the FyreVM's channel-based approach to I/O.

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