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Adventure Game News for 08 May 06

Windows Frotz 1.10

If you recently downloaded Windows Frotz 1.09, the Windows z-code interpreter, go ahead and grab 1.10 to replace it. The new version, which is available as a zip file or a Windows installer, now reads 'Fspc' chunks from Blorb files to determine which picture to show as cover art. If that makes no sense to you, no worries. It just means that it'll display cover art correctly for files created with some of the tools from

Gargoyle Modification

Speaking of interpreters that were just updated a short time ago but are being updated again, Lorenzo Marcantonio is working on an update to Gargoyle, a Glk interpreter. Gargoyle-mod adds a number of features, including automatic hyphenation and updated paragraph formatting.

Zoom 1.0.5 Re-Release

And again, an interpreter update. The Mac OS X z-code interpreter Zoom has been updated just a short time after the last update. Some people were having problems running Zoom under Mac OS X 10.3.9; this update should fix those problems.

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