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Adventure Game News for 25 Apr 05

Myst IV Postmortem

At Gamasutra, members of the Myst IV development team have performed a post-mortem on their game. There's no one unified view of what went right and wrong with the game, mainly because of turmoil amongst the team.

When I was asked for a postmortem on Myst IV: Revelation, I was faced with a dilemma (not a first for that project), the fact was that with three years in the making, there weren't very many people who had been on Myst IV from conception to finish, and some key players had come, gone and left us with new challenges and many questions. We had changed the creative director, the producer, and the artistic director... Also, opinions on what went well or wrong on the project differed greatly. Therefore I decided to give key players representing different aspects of the game a chance to express themselves on the making of Myst IV: Revelation.

IntroComp 2005

Jacqueline Lott has announced IntroComp 2005. Your task is to write the best interactive opening to a game.

The requirements of IntroComp are deceptively simple: All entrants must submit the beginning of a new, never before seen work of IF. This can be as short or as long as the author likes, so long as it is 1) a working, playable game and 2) interactive fiction. The deadline for completing your intro is July 17, 2005 at 11:59 PM Eastern Standard Time. That's not quite three months from now, but these are only introductions, folks. That should be sufficient, and will give us two weeks for judging prior to the end of the month.

After the introductions have been submitted, anyone can play them and vote on them.

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