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Adventure Game News for 22 Apr 07

Moments out of Time 2 Version 2

Ross Raszewski has a new version of Moments out of Time 2, his sequel to his entry in the 2001 IF Competition.

I wanted to let you know that I've released an updated and bugfixed version of Moments out of Time 2. If you were put off by some of the comments refering to bugs my playtesters missed, it might be worth the time to give it a go now.

Moments out of Time 2 does not require any previous experience with Momentsout of Time 1 nor with the "Renegade Version". These may enrich your play experience somewhat, but are not at all necessary.

Robb Sherwin Interviewed in Edge Magazine

As part of their article discussing what games can learn from books, the magazine Edge interviewed Robb Sherwin. For those of you unfamiliar with Edge, it's a UK print magazine covering videogames.

tadsdev 0.1.2 Plugin for Eclipse

tadsdev, a TADS 3 plugin for the Eclipse IDE, is up to version 0.1.2. The new version allows you to define a t3vm to be used to run t3 images, define a console program to run t3 images with the t3vm, and run t3 images using whichever virtual machine and program you've selected.

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