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Adventure Game News for 04 Apr 08

QTads 1.7

The latest version of QTads, Nikos Chantziaras's TADS GUI interpreter for Unix, has been updated to the latest versions of TADS (2.5.10 and It also has increased the number of allowable undo steps from 6 to 100, and parses the metadata built into recent games.

FrobTADS 0.10

While he was at it, Nikos Chantziaris also updated FrobTADS, his TADS console interpreter for Unix-like systems. This is a bugfix release, updating it to TADS and fixing some compilation problems.

Guncho, a New Online Multiplayer IF System

Jesse McGrew has released Guncho, an online system for writing multiplayer IF using Inform 7.

Any Guncho user can create realms and make them available for other people to play. What kind of realm you make is up to you: make an open world where any number of players can wander around or go on quests, or plot out a story where players can act out the roles of the lead characters. This new medium blends the shared experience of a MUD with the narrative tools of traditional interactive fiction, and there's plenty of room to experiment with styles that haven't been tried before.

If you want to see it in action, create an account and then telnet to port 4108.

SpringThing 2008 Begins

SpringThing 2008, the annual competition for long-form games, is underway. This year, three games were entered in the competition:

You have until 11:59 PM EDT, Monday, April 28, 2008 to play the games and vote on them.

Wide Inform 6 IDE for Windows

Alessandro Schillaci has released Wide, a Windows-based integrated development environment for Inform 6. It provides the usual suite of IDE tools, including a browsable object tree, autocomplete, and code folding.

Sam & Max Are Coming to the Wii

If you have a Wii and are looking for good adventuring fun, Telltale Games has what you need. They've confirmed the two-year-old rumors that their new set of episodic Sam & Max adventures are coming to the Wii. Look for the first season to arrive on the Wii some time this fall.

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