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Adventure Game News for 01 Apr 05

Spring Thing 2005 Games Released

And we're off! The Spring Thing 2005 games are available for download and judging. What is Spring Thing, you ask? It's an annual interactive fiction competition, similar to but different than the Annual IF Competition. There are six games this year: Authority, by Eva Vikstrom; Bolivia By Night, by Aidan Doyle; Flat Feet, by Joel Ray Holveck; Second Chance, by David Whyld; Threnody, by John "Doppler" Schiff; and Whom The Telling Changed, by Aaron A. Reed. Good luck to all entrants.

GWindows .9B for Glk

Ross Raszewski has released an updated version of GWindows, his Glk library for managing windows and sound in Glk.

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