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Adventure Game News for 30 Mar 07

Z-machine Preservation Project 0.92_02

The latest version of Z-machine Preservation Project fixes a minor display bug. From Wei-Ju Wu's announcement, "Fredrik Ramsberg reported a minor display issue that occurred when the game does not print an input prompt, which resulted in the cursor not being displayed until a key was typed. For users running ZMPP in applet mode, I have signed the jar file with a new certificate, because the old one had expired a few days ago."

New IF Interpreter for PalmOS

Jeremy Bernstein has announced CellarDoor, an IF interpreter for PalmOS. It handles z-code and Glulx games, both in their raw format and wrapped inside a Blorb file. To use CellarDoor you'll need a device running PalmOS 4 or later, a hi-res screen, and an expansion card. For very large games such as City of Secrets you may need dynamic memory extension such as UDMH.

Write a Remake of Scott Adams's Ghost Town

Have you ever wanted to write your own version of a Scott Adams adventure game? If so, take a look at the Ghost Town Redux event. Scott Adams has given permission for people to make their own version of Ghost Town. What form that version takes is entirely up to you. You have until July 30, 2007 to finish and release your game.

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