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Adventure Game News for 30 Mar 05

Telltale on Bone

Newsarama talk to Dan Conners, Graham Anable and Heather Logas of Telltale Games about the new Bone adventure game. There's concept art and a small trailer to ogle, too.

Ron Loo cancelled

Czech developer Peregrius have cancelled their upcoming game Ron Loo:

Development of Ron Loo has been canceled because authors of original storyline are insisting on its full interpretation in game. This should mean extreme ammount of text in dialogues and too much NPC's and so unbearable costs of voice cast in individual countries.

Still Life Prelude

Micro´ds have provided a free online adventure game to serve as a 'prelude' to their upcoming game Still Life. A 250 MB demo of the third-person adventure is also available.

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