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Adventure Game News for 25 Mar 06

Z-machine Preservation Project Updated to Add I7 Support

Wei-ju Wu has updated the Z-machine Preservation Project, a Java-based z-code interpreter. The new version handles Inform 7 metadata, adds a command history, and multiple undo. If you'd like to see it in action, the project's SourceForge page has several games available.

IF-Review of The Witch's Yarn

Emily Short has a new review at IF-Review, this one of the commercially-available game The Witch's Yarn. The game takes an unusual approach to gameplay: the game plays out on a stage, and you can introduce new characters and props to attempt to direct the story. Emily found it to be an interesting approach that wasn't entirely successful.

The Witch's Yarn uses a system of considerable potential, but it doesn't explore nearly all that that system could do: the puzzles could either be less repetitive or be dropped entirely, while the narrative could offer more consistently good dialogue and do more with the interactive possibilities of the system. I have hopes for future titles in this style, however. The attractive, soft-edged artwork and the mellow jazzy soundtrack make playing a relaxing experience rather than a frantic one, it's clear that a lot of polish has gone into the production, and the interface is immediately accessible for a casual user.

The game itself is $19.95, though you can play the first two chapters for free.

Dstrucs 1.0 for TADS 3

Kevin Forchione has created a TADS 3 module that implements low-level data structures such as linked lists, stacks, nodes, and queues.

Ruins Ported to TADS 3

Eric Eve, tireless TADS 3 coder that he is, has ported Graham Nelson's example game Ruins from Inform 6 to TADS 3. The TADS 3 source code can serve as the original code does for Inform 6: as an example of how to implement certain things such as spell systems.

DotQuest: The Quest for Dots

DotQuest is the finest of old-school text adventures: there's a maze and ghosts. Can you escape?

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