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Adventure Game News for 17 Mar 08

Blorple Game Browser Now Java-Based

Blorple, Michael Martin's interactive fiction browser that lets you see your games' information including cover art, has been rewritten in Java. There are ready-to-go packages for Windows and Mac OS, as well as a plain JAR archive for other platforms.

Gun Mute TADS 3 Shoot-Em-Up

Pacian has released Gun Mute, a game that—well, let me quote the opening.

The desert sand squirms beneath your feet, alive with mutant nanomachines. Sheriff Clayton has Elias. He’s hanging him at noon.

It looks like you’re going to have to shoot some people.

And that's no lie. There is indeed a lot of shooting of people. You can download either a T3 file or a zipped Windows executable.

SPAC Returns

SPAC, the Sociedad para la Promoción de Aventuras Conversacionales, is a Spanish IF ezine. It's returned, with a new blog-like format. Every so often the posted articles will be collected as a PDF. If you're interested in what the Spanish IF community is up to, you should definitely give it a read.

IFBeginnersComp 2008 Results

The 2008 IFBeginnersComp is over, and the results are out. Congratulations to Jim Aikin and Eric Eve, whose Mrs. Pepper's Nasty Secret took first place. Mark Engelberg and his kids took second with The Sleeping Princess, and James Hudson took third with Connect.

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