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Adventure Game News for 01 Mar 08

Second Round Voting for 2007 XYZZY Awards

The finalists in the 2007 XYZZY Awards have been announced. You have until Thursday, March 6th to vote for your favorites in each category. The finalists are

Best game

Best writing

Best story

Best setting

Best puzzles

Best NPCs (non-player characters)

Best individual puzzle

Best individual NPC

Best individual PC (player character)

Best use of medium

Congratulations to all nominees!

Z-Machine Preservation Project 1.0 Java Z-Code Interpreter

The Z-Machine Preservation Project, a Java z-code interpreter, has reached version 1.0. If you're wanting to offer z-code games in a browser, ZMPP is the way to go, as it understands zblorbs, has support for Frotz color emulation, and more.

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