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Adventure Game News for 23 Feb 07

Second-Round Voting for 2006 XYZZY Awards

We've moved on to the second round of XYZZY Award voting. The finalists have been chosen through first-round voting; the second-round voting determines the final winners. You have until March 1, 2007 to enter your votes.

Play IF Written in Quest Online is a new site hosting games written in Quest for online play or for downloading. The site uses a combination of Flash and Javascript, so if you're allergic to those technologies, you're probably better off downloading the games and getting a Quest interpreter, though that's only available for Windows.

Glulx 3.1

Glulx, a virtual machine specification for interactive fiction, now supports dynamic memory allocation. The specification now includes @malloc, @mfree, @mcopy, and @mzero operands. The new sections of the spec are 1.7.3, 2.9, and 2.13. Look for updates to various Glulx-based virtual machines in the near future.

Rules 2.1 for TADS 3

Kevin Forchione has released Rules 2.1, a bugfix version of his TADS 3 extension for rules-based programming.

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