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Adventure Game News for 22 Feb 08

IFBeginnersComp 2008 is Underway

IFBeginnersComp, David Fisher's competition for games suitable for players who are new to IF, is in full swing. There are five entries in the competition:

You have until March 15th to download the games, play them, and vote on them.

Emily Short's IF Cover Art Project

Emily Short is trying to encourage more cover art for works of IF. She's set up a Flickr group and is inviting people to send her cover art for existing works of IF.

If you want your name attached as the artist, great; if you’d rather submit it anonymously, that’s fine too. If you send anything, you’re effectively assenting to the following statements:

1) you assert that you own the copyright of the image and its components, or that the images you used are public domain, or that you have secured the reproduction rights, such that there should be no negative legal ramifications to posting same on Flickr and later on IFDB and other webspaces.

2) you are willing for the author of the game to adopt the image you post and use it in promoting his or her game, without any further rewards other than a warm and fuzzy glow.

3) you are also willing for the author of the game *not* to adopt the image, for whatever reason, and you will not be too distressed about all that.

If you've got some ideas for cover art, put them together and send them to her.

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