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Adventure Game News for 07 Feb 07

Emily Short Reviews Second Person

Second Person: Role-Playing and Story in Games and Playable Media is a book exploring how games provide stories and role-playing opportunities. It's a collection of essays about many different forms of games, from interactive fiction to role-playing games to stories told through a shuffled deck of cards. Emily Short has reviewed the book and found it nifty.

Of all the books on game design or new media Iíve read, Second Person is the one I would most strongly recommend to IF authors seeking a deeper understanding of their own work and of the work being done in related fields.

Anchorhead: Special Edition Demo Release 3

Mike Gentry has released a new demo version of Anchorhead: Special Edition. The new demo release is similar to the previous one in content, but has many bug fixes.

IFPEN Lets You Run IF From a USB Key

Have you ever wanted to carry around a full set of IF games on a USB key to run under Windows? If so, you should take a look at IFPEN.

IFPEN is a C++ application that let's you start your adventure games from your USB key. This application runs on win32 systems and adds a new icon in the taskbar. From this icon, you can select an adventure to run: it launches an interpreter (zcode, glulxe, or a dos command) with your game as a parameter. You can play your favourite adventure games, saving your game sessions directly into your USB pen.

Inform 7 Reference Guide for Inform 6 Programmers

Any time a language changes as dramatically as Inform has between version 6 and 7, there's going to be a learning curve for those moving from the older version to the newer one. To help flatten that learning curve, Emily Short has a list of Inform 6 concepts and their I7 counterparts.

Spatterlight 0.4.9

Tor Andersson has updated Spatterlight his interactive fiction interpreter for Mac OS X that handles most any format game imaginable. The new version of Spatterlight uses Scare 1.3.6 and Git 1.1.3 under the hood, thus fixing several bugs that plagued some IF Comp games.

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