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Adventure Game News for 24 Jan 07

Inform 7 Beta 4K41

Inform 7 beta 4K41 is out. This version fixes a number of bugs and, on OS X, introduces a redesigned skein.

SPAC Issue 48

SPAC, the Spanish e-zine for interactive fiction, has a new issue out for reading online or downloading. Issue 48 has reviews the IF competition games, interviews with Nick Montfort and Tony Barber, and more.

2007 IF Art Show Pre-Announcement

There hasn't been an IF Art Show since 2004, so forgive my excitement at seeing it return. Marnie Parker has announced that she's bringing it back. In case you're not familiar with the IF Art Show, it's designed to showcase games that focus on an element of IF (such as a landscape or a still-life).

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