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Adventure Game News for 21 Jan 07

SPAG Issue 47

The new issue of SPAG, an IF e-zine, has reviews of competition games, interviews with the top three authors from the IFComp, a timeline of the French IF community, a detailed look at Damnatio Memoriae, and more. Go grab it now!

FrobTADS 0.7

The new version of FrobTADS, Nikos Chantziaras's TADS distribution for (mainly) Unix, has better support for 8-bit character sets and allows recursively including whole directories as resources to work on most POSIX systems.

Jane Jensen's Grey Matter Slips to At Least 2008

The ANACONDA website now says that Jane Jensen's Grey Matter, her new point-and-click graphic adventure game, has slipped from late 2007 to early 2008.

(Source: Blue's News)

The Present and Future of Inform 7

In an extensive post to, Emily Short and Graham Nelson have outlined where they intend to take Inform 7 development, what issues they are intending to address and how, and what issues they are not currently planning on addressing. If you're interested in Inform 7, I encourage you to read through this document.

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