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Adventure Game News for 19 Jan 06

European Contract signed for Experience112

Here is a press release about a new adventure game by the makers of In Memoriam, the adventure that blurred the boundaries between game and "real world" as it made you look up information on the internet.

Press release, Paris, December 15, 2005

Micro Application and Lexis Numérique are pleased to announce the signing of a European contract for Experience112, a PC adventure game that pushes back the boundaries of the genre, designed by Nicolas Delaye in collaboration with Eric Viennot.

A new kind of experience!

To help Lea Nichols escape from her floating prison, the player lives out a whole new kind of experience. At the controls of surveillance cameras and a highly-sophisticated control system, you will be her eyes and ears. But be careful! You’ve no direct control over Lea Nichols, so you need to take account of her reactions, anticipate her decisions and help her combat her fears, in an adventure that will take both of you into uncharted territory...

  • Monitor several locations simultaneously
  • Use advanced technologies (thermal vision, audio analysis, etc.)
  • Take control of the survival systems (water, air, electricity)
  • Take over the security computers
  • Take remote control of vehicles
  • Manage your relationship with Lea Nichols so that she maintains her trust in you
  • Move forward in the adventure in order to discover the secret that this mysterious place

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