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Adventure Game News for 12 Jan 06

Reviews Exchange Issue 7

The latest issue of the Reviews Exchange, a quarterly newsletter focusing mainly on the ADRIFT community, is out. PDF and HTML versions are available. This issue covers the ADRIFT Finish the Game Competition, the annual Interactive Fiction Competition, the ADRIFT Game of the Year Competition, and some reviews of ADRIFT games.

"Erins" AIF Annual Awards

The Adult Interactive Fiction (AIF) community is now accepting votes for the 2005 Erins, the community's answer to the XYZZY Awards. This being an AIF-centric award, you can vote for best threesome/orgy and best lesbian sex scene as well as best puzzles or best multimedia. You have until January 23rd to vote, and the Erins page links to the nominated games.

2005 Non-Comp Review Project

A while back, Greg Boettcher wanted to have reviews of every interactive fiction game not entered in the annual Interactive Fiction Competition. He gathered volunteers and everyone began writing. The result is a very complete set of reviews for just about every work of interactive fiction released in 2005. If you've not been keeping up with what games have been released outside that competition, try glancing through this set of reviews.

Keepsake Trailer

There's a trailer for the English version of Keepsake, a graphic adventure from Wicked Studios Lighthouse Interactive. The trailer is some 48 MB, and is available from, Gamershell, and Filenuts.

The game is set in a medieval fantasy world replete with dragons. You play Lydia, a girl who has been accepted at the Dragonvale Academy. Arriving at the academy, you discover that everyone is missing, and the only clue she finds is an old keepsake she gave a friend of hers some eight years prior. For more information, visit the Wicked Studios site for Keepsake.

Ages of Ilathid Demo

The Ages of Ilathid is a fan-written adventure game set in the Myst universe. The team behind the game has released a PC demo for it, with a Mac version to follow shortly.

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