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Adventure Game News for 04 Jan 06

New David Whyld Game A Spot of Bother

David Whyld, the prolific author of text adventures written in ADRIFT, has released his new game, A Spot of Bother. In it you play...well, I'll let David tell you about that.

You are Stavros 'The Bulldog' McGrogan, the hardest man the SAS ever produced. While it's perhaps untrue to say that bullets bounce from your skull, daggers bend when stabbed into your ribs and bombs just plain run away from you, it is true to say that you once disarmed a terrorist by tearing his arm off with your teeth and then cracking his head (through his shock resistant armour) with your nose. You're mean, nasty, vicious and downright tough. They call you in when someone needs dealing with quickly and painfully. When terrorists threaten the safety of the world, they send out a message for The Bulldog. And may God forgive any terrorist who doesn't get out of your way...

David's web page has the full intro.

New Text Adventure A Sugared Pill

While we're listing new adventure games, here's A Sugared Pill, an adventure game written using TADS 2. Colin Borland, its author, describes it as "the first (and probably last) adventure game based (very) loosely on the world of Scottish politics."

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